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SHP-British Museum India Project

Calling all visitors to the Mughal exhibition at the British Library …

 … and everyone else!

Following the successful launch of the pilot SHP-BM India Project last year we are delighted to announce that the next phase of the project will begin on Thursday April 11th 2013 at the British Museum.

At the British MuseumLast year’s projects were really diverse, ranging from Tipu Sultan’s sword to miniature Mughal art and a Sikh warrior turban. Now we are recruiting even more teachers from across all key stages that are interested in developing teaching materials about Mughal India or India during the Raj era. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with expert educators from the British Museum who will provide great subject specific knowledge and amazing insights into their incredible archive material. There will also be support from leading History teachers who will work collaboratively to produce rigorous and engaging teaching materials. The time commitment to the project is very flexible, we usually meet in the holidays for a morning and the time frame for producing materials is very open, so there is not a great amount of pressure involved. Instead this is an amazing opportunity to develop your understanding of a rich and fascinating period of history.

If you are interested in becoming part of the project or have any further questions then please contact me at

Dan Lyndon
Advanced Skills Teacher, Head of History, Broomfield School

Fellow of the Schools History Project