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SHP12: Calling all history teachers

Lesley Ann McDermott, (St Patrick’s Catholic College, Thornaby-on-Tees) writes …

Imagine yourself in early July – the last slog before the holidays. Do you invariably feel (delete as appropriate)  tired? Weary? All-in? Exhausted? Shattered? Whacked? Pooped? Worn Out? Bushed?  Dog-tired?  Beat? Then I prescribe you a weekend residential history teaching course held every July: The National Schools History Project Conference:  more affectionately known as ‘The SHP Conference’

For me the SHP Conference recharges my battery and relights my fiery passion for history teaching.  I am restored and rejuvenated in the last weeks of term.

Nuggets of history teaching wisdom are shared here and passed on from workshop leaders, presenters, special guests, teach meets and the delegates.  Here you gain fresh insights into history teaching; from ideas and tips on engaging learners, raising standards and grades, the secrets of the outstanding lesson category, sharing research on teaching pedagogy.  Demo the latest gadgets and technologies to be used in the classroom.  SHP really is at the cutting edge of teaching history in the Twenty-First Century.

Give up your weekend I hear you cry? It is worth it.  SHP stalwarts are all ready to make their bookings at the beginning of the year for July 2013.  As we left we were already talking about next year.  What will Ian Dawson do to top this year’s Saturday evening event ‘What did the Anglo Saxons do for us?’

Relive your undergraduate years and book in to stay in the halls of residence.   Relax in the Student Union bar.  Make friends, connect and build a network of support in the wider history community.

Me? How am I at the end of term?  Well after my annual dose of SHP, I bounced back into the school Monday morning eager to try many of the ideas.  Students didn’t know what hit them. I was like a whirl wind back in the classroom.  My colleagues cannot understand my renewed energy, enthusiasm and passion at this time of year.  Roll on September when I can try out all the new ideas.

If you can’t wait until next July – check out SHP London on Saturday 24 Nov 2012.

Warning the SHP conference will seriously improve your teaching!

Lesley Ann

Lesley Ann was invited to be a Guest Writer as a ‘reward’ for her significant contribution as an SHP Tweeter.