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SHP in London: Final Reflections

Saturday 26 November saw our first London conference in the excellent conference facilities at the British Library. This was a tremendous venue and our thanks go to the very helpful and supportive team at the British Library – we can certainly look forward to next year’s London event with great confidence.

It’s never easy to decide how best to report a conference and its workshops. Putting a workshop PowerPoint on-line is almost always unsatisfactory as the discussion that makes sense of it and brings it to life can’t be recaptured. There’s also the moral debate about whether it’s fair to those who paid to give away resources for free.

So this year we’ve experimented with a series of subjective ‘reflections’ on aspects of the London Conference:

• one was posted on the day – about Michael Wood’s plenary

• the second the following day – Christine Counsell’s plenary

• and the final review, the longest, a few days later – see these reflections

If you have any comments or responses to any of these reflections we’d be delighted to hear from you through the reply panel below.