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A historian worth reading!

Fed up with reading historians and politicians pontificating about History teaching without having any respect for the evidence or even trying to look at the evidence in the first place? For a refreshing change read Richard J Evans...

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SHP in London: Reflections on Christine’s Plenary

It’s impossible to imagine anyone better than Christine Counsell to keep the conference bubbling to the end – vitality, positive tone, body language, utter conviction. Impossible as ever for mere words to do justice to her session on "Disciplinary history for all: Why it matters, why it is so difficult and why we should not give up" – the best I can do is just note down some of my jottings ...

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SHP in London: Local History and the National Story

Why are people here on a Saturday in late November? No exam sessions, no functional reviews – the first two people I spoke to told me they’re here, hoping to leave ‘bubbling with enthusiasm’, inspired by ideas that will feed into their teaching, helping them inspire their students in turn. And the choice of Michael Wood to start the day has fitted this aim of ‘bubbling with enthusiasm’ really well...

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History and Behaviour

I'm sat at a government review meeting and must admit I'm sneakily tapping away writing this blog. This isn't because I'm disengaged or disaffected. Rather it's because I'm very engaged and very affected. You see, the review meeting is about the new teaching standards for behaviour ...

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SHP’s new A level series – ‘Enquiring History’

SHP has always regarded the development of textbooks as an effective if discreet way of providing CPD for teachers, communicating new ideas about teaching and learning and about the content of History itself. And our new A level series, 'Enquiring History' (which appears from March 2012 onwards) is very much in this tradition ...

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