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Keep your head when all those around you are losing theirs

SHP Fellow Esther Arnott writes:

It’s very easy – and understandable – if at this time you feel like you’re losing your head. Some of you might even be questioning whether you have made a mistake and history teaching isn’t for you. I know I have had my moments (nay, entire weeks) of doubt. And it’s easy to see why: we are faced with more changes than, for some of us, we’ve ever known. And the changes seem so wilfully ignorant of established practice, expertise and wisdom.

Well the purpose of this blog is how NOT to lose our heads. So let’s turn our thinking around. First, let us try to remember the children. If we lose our heads now, they will lose theirs too (and maybe even begin to like Geography instead). And that’s just not on!

Read Esther’s blog on the Hodder History Nest [ here ] as she and Rudyard Kipling provide 5 good ideas to ‘keep your head’.